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Life in New Zealand is paradise. Life in southern New Zealand is even more stand-out.

Welcome to what almost everyone would describe as New Zealand’s most beautiful region. Not only are we home to the snow-capped mountains, impressive glaciers, flowing rivers and mirror lakes that are the stuff of movies and postcards – we’ve also got the lifestyle and work to match. Our communities are welcoming and family-friendly, with great schools, an extremely affordable cost of living, and plenty to do on your time off – from skiing, water sports, world-class food and wine, and cities and towns full of culture and charm.

We’ve got two large, modern hospitals in Dunedin and Invercargill, as well as a range of smaller rural hospitals – so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to grow your career. We can’t wait to welcome you with our Southern smiles!

“The amount you can do in a weekend is incredible. We hit the jackpot coming here. There really is something for everyone.”

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With a population of 126,000, Dunedin is one of the major cities in NZ. From its nightlife to its arts scene and bustling student community, there is so much to enjoy about this thriving small city. The best part is that you’ll have all the time to enjoy it, with the average commuter time of only 12 minutes.

“I love the concept of Dunedin being a 12-minute city – you can get anywhere in 12 minutes. Being involved in business and having three school-aged children in a 12 minute city means you can have it all.”

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If you’re looking for space and strong community vibes, you’ll find it in Invercargill. With a population of 52,000, it is a modern city with a lively attitude. And believe it or not, the average travel time from the main suburbs on city routes, even at peak times, is only 7 minutes! You’ll find so much to love about this city and its people.

“We’re staying here. We have an unmatched quality of life that we couldn’t have had at home”

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No matter where you’re from in the world, you have probably heard of Queenstown. The adventure capital of New Zealand, with scenery that is second to none, Queenstown truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure or serenity, mountains or vineyards, with a permanent population of 44,800, this city definitely has something for you.

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Meet Wendy Berg, she moved here with her family from Liverpool in 2007 to work in Dunedin as an ICU Nurse. What she found was more than just a job in one of the best equipped Critical Care Units in the country. She found a new way of working and living, balancing the beauty of the outdoors alongside the benefits of city-life, and a workplace that offered a community-feel while being a world-class facility.

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